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Others have argued that a lack of airplane debris at the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, and the Shanksville crash sites points to an “inside job” spearheaded by the US government.Even though these theories have been thoroughly debunked many times, some people insist that something more than terrorism occurred that day.Photographer Pascal Rostain claimed that recent photos and video footage of Obama and his wife, Michelle, showed that their relationship had cooled significantly.He believed that this was proof of an affair between Beyonce and Obama.

But the people behind the music will never get away from the spotlight—or the conspiracy theories that follow them.The conspiracy flames were fueled by Jackson’s death trending on Twitter on a much higher scale than anything happening in Iran.The conspiracy theorists believe that this killed any chance of an Iranian revolution.There is also the theory that it wasn’t really Jackson who died but instead a body double who had a terminal illness.After his “death,” the real Jackson escaped to Mexico.