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The kind of government that a country has may be of vital importance to other countries, and that is true of the German government.

Its form is a monarchy and the chief officer is the Kaiser, William II.

He appoints the leading minister, called the Chancellor, and the latter appoints the other members of the cabinet, such, for example, as Minister of Interior and Minister of Education.

The difficulty is that these ministers who form the German cabinet and very largely control the state are responsible to the Kaiser, and not, to the people.

There were, of course, German people living in that region long before, but until that date they were not brought together to form the German Empire.

If it happened to be governed by selfish men, all the other states would have to suffer; and even if it were well governed, the other states would have too little of self-government.Otherwise a small group might at any time make endless trouble both for themselves and for other nations. Examples of Prussian Leadership We commonly think of the United States as a young nation, and of the governments of Europe as very old, but the fact is that Germany is the youngest of the great nations.That is what the small group in Germany has done, in starting this war, and the United States is determined to aid in making such a step impossible again. We are nearly a century older than Germany, for that Empire was founded in 1871.But there were two other reasons why Prussia coveted it.It is a land that is remarkably rich in iron ore and coal, and while Germany had ores in other sections, none of those sections was so rich in these two minerals.