Who is diggy dating

Danielle isn't being malicious or disrespectful, she's simply trying to get hers, which we should all respect.

We guess ABC needed to do something to spice up this season!

Raven tries to get this point across, telling Kristina “of course” Danielle is pursuing Dean since he’s "not in a committed relationship." Dean's repeated requests for Kristina to give him "space" proves this." data-reactid="24"The merry-go-round nature of people’s dating habits on the series are purposefully messy, and, as everyone repeatedly says, “anything goes” when it comes to securing your desired match.

Danielle is free to straddle anyone she wants beachside, or kiss Jack Stone as much as her heart desires. When it comes to specifically Dean, Danielle is simply playing the game, and exploring things with a man she — and countless other women — are interested in.

When their plans were thwarted because Dean and Derek were "dating shallow, ugly whores," the twins prepared for their date with Tickle Monster Jonathan and "serial killer" Jack: How sweet!

It didn't take long for Jack to realize he didn't want to go on the double date, so he decided to stay back at the ranch and hang out with Christen instead.