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Bartholomew’s Day Massacre” 2017 the Huelgas Ensemble focusses on the great topic of the Reformation, in its anniversary year.500 years ago the core values of Europe were shaken by profound changes.In this highly unusual recording, Paul Van Nevel and the Huelgas Ensemble come together with contemporary fadistas to explore the heartfelt melancholy pervading Portuguese music, from ancient times to the present.Fadistas : Beatriz da Conceiçao, Vocals Antonio Rocha, Vocals José Manuel, Guitarra portuguesa José Antonio, Viola First the pure facts: Malheur me bat is a three-part rondeau that has survived in more than ten sources dating from the years between 14.Nevertheless, or indeed therefore, the Huguenots developed their very own musical culture. Psalm music of the Huguenots for three to eight voices: Psalms by Claude Goudimel (c. The “Victors’ Response” (with the celebration of a mass! Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) : Missa da Capella a sei voci fatta sopra il motetto in illo tempore del Gomberti These days we associate the name Claudio Monteverdi largely with the change in style of the early baroque, with its new theatrical approach to composition.1515 - 1572), Jacques Mauduit (1557 - 1627) and Claude Le Jeune (c. ) of Pope Gregory XIII on receiving news of the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525 - 1594): Agnus Dei from the Missa “Ut re mi fa sol la” (for 6 & 7 voices), together with two pieces from the Roman Lauda repertoire. Secular and sacred music from the Huguenot circle: works by Paschal de l' Estocart (1539 - after 1587), Jean Servin (c. Monteverdi was, however, significantly more versatile, also occupying himself closely with the "prima prattica" - the Franco-Flemish polyphonic composition technique of his predecessors.It is the most famous example of a work in the Phrygian mode – the third of the eight church modes, the authentic mode on E.

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The Ear of the Huguenots: Music from the Time of the “St.

In the case of the text, the confusion is even greater, for only the first three words,“Malheur me bat”, appear as an incipit at the start of the superius, while the sources in general leave us in doubt on this question, some of them not including this incipit at all.

Essentially, therefore, nothing is known about the content of the rondeau.