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Over Jan's shoulder, we glimpsed a computer screen on which was displayed what seemed to be an online forum devoted to her case. ", and from what I could make out, the consensus was not just no, but a no so emphatic and expressed in such obscene and vicious terms as to be quite traumatising.

And at another point, discussing her earlier service in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jan talked of a misery so intense that she had volunteered for dangerous missions in the hope of finding an end to it all. A brief acquaintance with military memoirs will make it clear that the armed forces have always relied on having at least a few soldiers so bloody unhappy that they don't care whether they live or die.

Michael Scofield · Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell · Brad Bellick · Lincoln Burrows · L.

At one point, Preston explained in voice-over that Jan had not gained acceptance from her former colleagues in the military.I can state this authoritatively, because I'd just been watching that happen on A Cook's Tour of Spain, in which Tommi Miers, a former Master Chef champion, travels round Spain to show off its culinary traditions.This was all perfectly OK, in a dull, formulaic way.Those who, such as me, have seen rather too many of these documentaries, could at least enjoy a few quirky details.Having been a paratrooper, Ian had been particularly large and fit, and as Jan, found herself having to lose five stone and a good deal of muscle tone to achieve a feminine physique.