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You can just touch to search and you’ll get results of the Smartdaters including location and distance from where you are.

Just walking up to a guy/girl has never been easy to most of us.

Often it is like venturing into the unknown, and you can find yourself facing all sorts of strange surprises along the way.

And yet, like in many areas of modern life, technology has stepped in to make a difference.

With the help of just a few smartphone apps, anyone can become more easily apt for the venture.

So how can you utilize new smartphone technologies to make the whole process smooth, flowing, and fun?

Excuse Me app can help you get out of a situation, but you better also brush up on your excuses for cutting the date shorter if you want to make it out elegantly.It takes about 2 minutes to sign up, which you can do via the ok cupid website as well. OK Cupid members upload lots of photos to their profiles and answer a bunch of questions about who they are and what they like so it has much of the social network sense to it. Smart Dating Smart Dating is a free location-based dating app that lets users search and browse for on the spot meet-ups.For those of you newer to the field, apps like Smart-Dating use a GPS to locate other users of the service in the area where you are.We’ve gathered a list of apps below that will come to your aid in the many different stages of your dating adventures. Online dating sites have been around since the dawn of internet but with the surge of smartphone apps, the possibilities of meeting new people have grown in all sorts of awesome ways.Have a look: Ok Cupid Ok Cupid gives you a membership for free, which allows you to check out what the dating scene has to offer in terms of members living in your area.